Blackbaud NetCommunity Support

NetCommunity features include a sophisticated content management system, membership management, profile updates, event registrations, online giving options, direct email and eCampaigns, Facebook integration and many others. DataWebFlex implements all these features to their fullest potential and also extends the Blackbaud's online application using the NetCommunity API. This results in custom functionality many organizations are looking for when communicating with their online audiences.

If your organization is considering NetCommunity, we will help evaluate your needs and determine if NetCommunity is a suitable solution. Organizations that already have NetCommunity will benefit from our comprehensive support when we take care of all technical aspects of the software and provide business analysis, planning, and implementation of solutions. With DataWebFlex, you will be able to effectively use NetCommunity to build stronger relationships with your constituents, keep website users informed about what is happening at your organization and empower interactive online communication.

To find out how we can help your organization advance, call us or drop us a line.




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